Where can I use my Gift Card?

Gift cards can be used towards any services at Casey Healing Wellness. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash or applied towards retail purchases online or in-store.

Do cards expire or lose value over time?

No, Gift Cards do not expire or lose value.

Do I need to activate my Gift Card?

No, you do NOT need to activate your Gift Card. Bring it with you to your appointment and use it towards payment.

Can I add a gratuity to my Gift Card?

No. Please remember to tip based on the full price of your service.

What is the return policy?

Gift Cards cannot be returned, refunded or reloaded.

When can I use my Gift Card?

Gift Cards are valid year-round.

Can I reuse my Gift Card?

All Gift Cards are valid for full or partial balance usage. Once used, remaining balance, if any, shall remain on card until the full value of the card is depleted.

What if I lose or have my Gift Card stolen?

Please contact us at 201.500.3826 we will do our best to help you.

What if I do not spend the full value on Gift Card?

If the value of a Gift Card is greater than the amount due for your service, Casey Healing Wellness shall only deduct the amount for the service purchased at that time. Remaining balance (if any) shall remain on card for future use.

How do I check the balance on my Gift Card?

Visit the gift card tab and enter the number to check your gift card balance.